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♦ Millionaires Empire Has Changed The Game On CrowdFunding By Incorporating A Paid Membership Feature, Where 80% Of The Membership Fee Goes To Our Members’ From Their Invites, To Support Their Financial Dreams Or Goals. 

♦ You Will Also Receive 10% Of The Membership Fee From Every Member Your Invites Brings To Your Team.

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♦ You Also Earn Diamond Points For Every Dollar You Give To Another Member.


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Millionaires Empire Shows Our Members With The Biggest Hearts Our Gratitude By Featuring Them On Their Very Own Page!

The Top Five Members Featured On This Page Have Given More Donation Dollars Than Anyone In The Empire.

Earn Diamond Points For Every Dollar You Give! The Members With The Most Diamonds Are Featured On This Page! Our Members Are Encouraged To Give A Minimum Of One Dollar To These Members As A Thank You For Helping So Many Others Reach Their Financial Goals!


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You Don’t Have To Invest That Much When You Join This Extraordinary Money Making System. Become A Part Of This Community Group Called ‘The Millionaire Makers’ And Open Yourself Up To A Brand New World of CrowdFunding

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♦ You Will Receive An Invitation From One Of The Group Members To Join.

♦ Once You Are A Part Of The Group, A Member Will Give You A List Of Ten Usernames.

♦ You Will Give Each Member On The List $1.

♦ Remove The Username At The Top Of The List And Place Your Username At The Bottom.

♦ Now Its Your Turn To Invite Ten People To Join The Group And Give Them The New List of Usernames.

♦ These 10 People Will Share Their List With Ten More People.

♦ Every Dollar Donation You Receive From A Member You Add Them To The Bottom Of Your List And Remove The Member In The Number 1 Spot.

♦ The More Lists You Are A Part Of… The More Donations You Can Receive!

♦ When Your Name Drops Off The List, You Can Begin Again… But This Time You Can Just Send A Dollar To Any Ten Members Of The Group And Start The Whole Process All Over Again!



Participation and Following The Rules Is A Must In Order For EveryOne In This Community To Reap The Benefits of CrowdFunding. Again… A Dollar Does Not Seem Like Much And That’s What Makes This Program So Beautiful!

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