Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Millionaire's Empire Social Club?

Millionaire's Empire Social Club is a Social Club for Entrepreneurs or individuals who want to raise money for their business or businesses, personal debt, their goals, their dreams or projects, for creating massive highly targeted leads for their own business and for networking with like-minds individuals.


What Are The Benefits of Becoming A Member of Millionaire's Empire Social Club?

As a member of Millionaire's Empire Social Club you can earn cash in several different ways.

Earn Cash by recruiting members to join your team.

Earn Cash from your recruits every time they sign up a new member.

Earn Cash on Your Birthday.

Earn Cash by becoming a Featured Member.

Earn Cash From Donations.


How Much Money Can I Make With Millionaire's Empire Social Club?

The amount of money that can be made is totally dependent on how many members you sign up and how many members, your recruits sign up.


How Do You Become A Member of Millionaire's Empire Social Club?

All you have to do to become a member is register. If you were invited by a member you will automatically be assigned to their team. If not... You will be assigned to a designated member of the empire or our #1 Featured Member.


How Do I Become A Featured Friend?

It's easy to become a Featured Member. The Top Ten Members of Millionaire's Empire Social Club with the highest amount of diamonds are named as the Featured Members of the entire site.

To receive a diamond all you have to do is give gift one of our members a minimum of one dollar. Each dollar given equals one diamond.


Do I Have To Personally Know the Members I Invite to the Empire?

No. You don't have to know every person you invite to the Empire. You can invite an unlimited amount of empire members that could lead you to an unlimited amount of cash.


Thanks for reading Frequently Asked Questions if you have any further questions <Contact Us> and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.


Fatimah Collins

Owner and Founder of Millionaire's Empire Social Club